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Choose Season

Please choose which season you are interested in!

4 MORE weeks (starting 11/27 ending 12/23)

 You know you can NOT bear the thought of ending such a great season.  SO DON'T.  You have 3 fantastic choices.

Option I







Option I                                                                      Clean & Green-

No WORK INVOLVED! This is a total grab and go option.  2 LARGE freshly prepared salads that will be packed with greens, grains, nuts and cheese (you can ask for no cheese!) You will also get 1 Fresh Fresh Cold Press Bottle of Juice.  NO WORK INVOLVED with this share type.  Just enjoy!  This share helps on those days after you have indulged in too much holiday food & drink and want a healthy reboot. To review, it's 4 weeks, each week you get two LARGE salads and 1 Fress Press Cold Pressed Juice.

Option II. Market Box

week #1 Taco night-using Griggstown pastured raised ground turkey or chicken

week #2 Breakfast for dinner-'cause it's a total crown pleaser

week #3 Pizza Party- Breadsmith Pizza Doughs, Awesome Fresh Toppings & Local Cheeses, FUN, Fresh & FAST Dinner on the table

week #4 SURPRISE!!! But you will LOVE it!!  

Option III


The ultimate in FLEXIBILITY-This $27 coupon share has recieved rave reviews.  It's all up to you.  You can get prepared foods or fresh produce.  I'll give you recipes and suggesstions.

I am thrilled to be getting the opportunity to stay connected with YOU the Farm Community because I don't want it to end either!!!